technical consultant

At the same time as appealing the high control technology that we are proud of, we will give appropriate technical methods and advice according to the customer’s intentions and intentions. We are proud of our high reliability in robot actuator technology.

Mechanism design

We design each component that makes up industrial products and electrical appliances precisely and with high quality. We can provide satisfying products such as high output motors.

Circuit design

We have started designing digital circuits that manipulate numerical values and logic operations as signals. We are also designing ultra-compact sensors and developing wireless charging devices that utilize our advanced design technology.

mechatronic analysis

We will comprehensively analyze machine motion performance such as speed and accuracy, and pursue technical proposals and solutions for them. We actually perform high-value-added vibration analysis simulations.

software control

We are developing complex remote control technologies such as real-time software control and network/remote control that will be required in the digital society of the future.

lithium battery

We design and provide next-generation lithium batteries with industry-leading performance. We also consider safety that enables high-speed charging and repeated charging and discharging.